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Edelgut GmbH

Gentle gin is produced from finely brewed, small batch hand crafted alcohol, from local German grain. It is then double distilled in a traditional hand hammered copper still by master distiller and horticultural expert Marcus O'Shea. Between distillations, our spirit is triple filtered using Gentle Gin's special gravity filter, producing an unbelievably smooth base spirit that blends perfectly with our high quality botanical ingredients, directly sourced from carefully selected farmers of our trust.

An indian inspired blend of Turmeric root, Coriander seed, Juniper and Grapefruit peel, plus a secret additional herb grown personally by the crew of Gentle Gin, are infused through a second distillation and finished of with a cold infusion of saffron, creating a rich and gentle golden gin. A subtle mix of spice and citrus with an earthy undertone make it perfect for sipping over ice or for spicing up a cocktail.

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